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Our Wings

We currently have 3 wings in our organization, namely, Bindaas media and Bindaas sports, Bindaas hikers under which we organized trekking to Bahubali Hills on 14th of April 2019 where 48 participants took part in the event. Another similar event was at Devsena Hills on 23rd of June 2019 with 32 participants. In future, we plan to launch Bindaas cyclist (no. of trips, distances, events, details, sponsors), Bindaas creatives (arts, workshop details, ecohut, upcycling kabad se jugad), Bindaas explorers (City tours for all explorers on bicycle) and future trips Udaipur to Jaisalmer.

Meet our dedicated

Team Members

Rahul Sridharan

Rahul is from Chennai/Mumbai currently part of a group named Concerned Youth for People working with communities practicing their traditional livelihoods near Chennai. He is involved in mapping, recording and documenting the relationship between communities and common lands and is also supporting them in defending their customary and natural rights. He is passionate about the environment, visiting alternative communities, working with youth and engaging in interesting conversations. Rahul supports Bindaas in writing content, suggesting ideas and supporting the team in any way that is required.

Manisha kshatriya

She has been interested in art since her school days. Her curious outlook led her to work with different techniques with equal flair. She is a college dropout and is presently exploring her intrest, also she believes that “imagination do have power to make virtuality into reality". She is a passionate writer, football player, artist, voracious reader, designer and an intellectual thinker. She helps in writing content and give thought provoking ideas for bindaas team.

Ritesh shekhawat

She is the coordinator of Eco hut in udaipur.She focuses more on sustainable living and make products out of scratch and scrap materials. She loves designing handmade stuffs, she is a passionate trekker and cyclist, also takes various workshops and facilitate in Bindaas team. With her shear dedication and hard work, she works towards the unity of the team, and makes even the toughest road easy to ride on with her presence.

Pragya Bohra

Pragya has worked as assistant professor in an engineering college. She loves trying her hand at different things. She is novice at writting. Apart from this she loves cycling, trekking and socially karate. She wants to be responsible person who can help others to work for their dreams.

Shubhangi Gupta

Shubhangi is currently doing her fellowship with Goonj, an organisation which works to bridge the gap between urban and rural parts of India by running trash based economy! She is passionate about working with and for the people. She loves writing, travelling, smiling and loving. Giving wings to other people's dream is one of her dreams. Being in Bindaas team she helps in content writing and managing the team through her coordination also focusing on developing the basic requirements of the team through communication

Bharat Mali

He has a Masters degree in social work from Udaipur school of social work and has been interested in online marketing since his college days. His curious outlook led him to work with different techniques for online marketing and approach with equal flair. Apart from this he is having keen interest in food and agriculture. He presently works for the video and photo documentation for the team bindaas. His documentation are true to the text and yet he manages to present his own viewpoint as well, helping to execute the team work.

Siddhartha Taya

Siddhartha is an adventure and sports enthusiast. Be it rock climbing, trekking, marathons, paragliding, or Karate, this crazy guy is simply unstoppable. He finds his soul and peace in poetry. He joined bindaas cyclists to relive his love for cycling. From deciding new locations to content writing, he is our rockstar. He is a powerful source of inspiration who pushes people out of bed and their mundane routines to do something extraordinary and help them enjoy their life to the fullest. He worked in Accenture Mumbai before leaving his job to build his own Hotel by name "Hotel Siddhartha Inn" Currently he is settled in Udaipur. He is looking forward to open adventure sports academy in Udaipur to make his city super fit.

Bheru sharma

He is currently pursuing BBA from pacific University. Also is a fun loving guy,who keeps the team spirit high through his laughter and lame jokes. He is enthusiastic about working towards oneness of the bindaas team, and does accounting and managing stuffs for team. He is passionate photographer, loves to travel and most of the time enrolls his time playing and listening to music.

Vibhuti Aggarwal

Vibhuti an economics graduate from Lady Shriram College currently works at Youth Alliance. She has spent a long time exploring her passion in education and has worked with various organizations like Teach for India, Make a Difference,Shikshantar Andolan, Youth Alliance and Sri Ram Ashram(Haridwar) in different capacities. Her passion for cycling started with Bindaas in Udaipur, where she also got inspired to take a cycling journey between Delhi to Ahmedabad. At Bindaas, she has been contributing in conceptualizing ideas for new projects, content creation and network building. In her personal life, she is motivated and driven by continuous learning which makes her travel often. With her diverse interests in art, cooking and baking, clowning, cycling, interplay,she is exploring life through different mediums. Her most recent obsession is to unravel modernism and create conversations around it to challenge our perceptions about it. She is also very passionate about sustainable and holistic living and is looking at creating her base at an Eco farm in the near future.

Alpesh Shriwas

He is currently pursuing his higher degree in interior design from VCD College of design in udaipur. He is having keen interest in sketching and painting and is passionate about fitness. He is a freelance graphic and logo designer and is the mind behind the beautiful poster and logo of the team Bindaas. His imagination enables him to translate what he observes in his surrounding to a language that is visually enjoyable. He is interested in building up his skills in a style that is his own.

Hritik Kharol

Hritik is pursuing his higher education in B.voc (ATA) from MLSU college in Udaipur. He has no formal training in editing yet has been a dedicated photograph editor. He regularly contributes and work hard for the betterment of Bindaas team. He is also involved in playing football, running and divides his time between editing and marketing work. Also raising helping hands towards nature. He exhibit a deep understanding of the editing skills and work with confidence.

Sameer Mogra

A graduated engineer from pacific institute of technology by degree in electronics and communication engineering, a freelancer photographer,a cyclist and a editor by heart. He is passionate about developing skills in Photoshop, lightroom and various video editing softwares He loves to go in nature by cycle and loves to see the beautiful places around. He is also a artist who sometimes loves to do painting, sketching and also a keyboard artist.He also puts his efforts to make the photographs looks more beautiful. He also loves to go with Bindaas cycling group to do cycling in nature to feel the fresh air and also participates in activities which are on our way.