Bindaas Media

Our Media wing organizes different Media related activities.

Bindaas Sports

Our Sports wing organizes different sports activities.

Bindaas Hikers

We organized hiking at Bahubali Hills on 14th of April 2019 with 48 participants and at Devsena Hills on 23rd of June 2019 with 32 participants.

Bindaas Cyclists

We organized cycling events such as Cyclothon in the recent past.

Our Story

It all started in year 2014 with the brainchild of shri Mahesh Nayak. He was a senior theater artist from Udaipur and a gold medalist from NSD. the name of our NGO was also given by him “Bindaas”, the thought he carried with this name was – everyone should express his emotions confidently, without being hesitated by any cause, which most of the people can’t do because of some inhibitions. He built up his team with Mr. Govind kharol who brought talent of film making with him and Mr. Santosh Padwal who was also an documentary filmmaker. The dream of Bindaas shattered when Mr. Mahesh Nayak passed away in 2017. But the story didn’t end here. The dream of Mr. Mahesh again took shape when Govind took the responsibility to make it alive on his shoulders. 
This is how, bindaas our NGO came into reality to make their dreams a reality. Our working area covers photography, videography, filmmaking workshop, theater workshops, local documentaries and community film screening etc.
To reach out more people,we started conducting workshops at shikshantar once a week for various level. For beginners it was once a week workshop and for advance learning workshops for seven days in a month. Everyone was given opportunity to work in projects with different organizations such as NABARD, SHIKSHANTAR ANDOLAN,AAJIVIKA BUERO, DS FOUNDATION and many more.
Mr. Govind Kharol is an avid cyclist and fiteness freak apart from film maker. He started his own bindaas group to cycle every Sunday. His dream is to make Udaipur a cycling and clean city with a healthy life style, connect with more people and let them explore their creativity.
You can read Govind’s struggles, to be a part of it here.
All those activities were conducted through suggested contribution so that no one face financial hurdle.



Our visions is to bring out the hidden talent dusted in everyone, let them express and give flight to their dreams to spread happiness.



सपने देखो,
और देखते रहो,
तब तक न थमो,
जब तक उन्हें पूरा न करलो।



Our mission is to become a medium to enhance the creative side of individual and spread humanity and happiness.