Riding the curves of Alsigarah : On World Tourism Day


I encountered lot of thoughts within me, some unsolved some having solutions with it. Some came from nowhere, lost just like our today’s ride.

Waking up early and going for cycle ride with few unknown is the new normal for Bindaas people.

Pedaling down some narrow paths occupied by stubborn cows, allowing our breath to merge with the tea stall tea smell and having a cup of tea is where we began our morning with.

We crossed hathi pol till gulab bagh; where morning birds jotted to walk together as we crossed them in a lane,like ants walking in a queue.

Crossing pichola lake we found clouds covering the surface of water with it’s presence. Thus, we pedled…ahead with friends and mind full of thoughts.

It was in the outskirts of Udaipur where we encountered green layers of mountain beds with blue air of fresh curtain. And opening this curtain is where we ought to exactly go.

Dusky lanes, goats grazing, kids waiting for school bus ..and 11 of us passing by being viewers of this moment.

As we reached Naya kheda village, a straight dusty path welcomed us with some unprepared ways to ride in for.

We struggled through the stone we ride upon and balanced our bike with toes over it. Simple folds of green landscape with a road less taken. Was taken by us, riding through curvy roads.

As we reached Alsigarh all we could see was lush green spread of grass and a big water table holding secrets within it. To dive deep and search for. And then we jumped in to bath in the fresh stream. We waited, till it happened that we noted our breaths and our eyes had a treat with nature surrounded by.

Coming back we danced on some Bollywood beats had tea and mirchi vada with spicy chutney, pleasing our taste buds.

As I cycled ahead.. the surrounding held me back, pushing me off to revisit my past. To collect some more pebbles of memory.

When we ride along with nature..grasses and the air sing for you.All you need is to take a moment to feel your breath with the frequency of nature.. merging and making it one.

Keep Cycling..keep merging with nature.

Thank you

Team Bindaas

Written by :  Manisha Kshatriya 



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