Riders in wonderland


When ever I go for ride with my friends I personally try to make tough routes easier for my co-riders. As Udaipur is all about up-hill and down-hill.

5 riders including me, we flew high towards Gogunda 35km towards Iswal.

The way we read fairytale during school time and the way it was told out in stories about narrow Stony road ,stream water running down, shades of green trees branches falling on the path welcoming us to unfold the hidden branches on our way.

We sang through out our way and celebrated the discovery of a new place where transportation was null.. the signature of so called development wasn’t traced. Where green merged with green and blue with birds. Where fresh air is to breath and voices of wildlife could be heard.

4km we climbed up the hill with our cycles.. and the best part is when we realize that none of us are trained for hiking but are passionate enough to make any trek possible with our own ways, to discover new within us.

The fruit which we had after climbing the tip of iceberg was the view which none of us could have ever even imaged of what we have actually seen there.

The mountains the plains the skies the clouds . The trees which peeped through the rain was profound.

A temple to visit..and a bell to ring..a lane to sleep ..which had no end.

We rested..to celebrate the victory of examining the nature, for letting go of the chances that we missed ..and the pain which made us cry to make us feel weak. Which we gave to mother Earth while sleeping on it’s lap. One of our friend Aditya did his first experience of riding on highway. He made it possible with his will to accomplish the toughest route on his bike.

He says,” it was his first time ride on highway, and wasn’t believing that he made it till the last”.

On our way back we had coffee as usual.

If you really want to explore Udaipur. To scratch and scrap the city corners. Join Bindaas group to get the real taste of adventure and Cycling with trekking with our team.

If theirs a call from nature for adventure then..no prior experience is needed for it. Just do it.

Keep riding ..keep smiling.

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Written by : Manisha Kshatriya 

Thank you

Team Bindaas


  1. Excellent description of the activity…..so enticing for any cycle rider who loves to explore the new destinations and nature!
    I shall definitely try to join Bindaas Group on one such rides 😇


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