Hiking Aravali


As the Sunday morning begain it’s 1st hour early morning, our group of more then 40 hikers with there backpacks and friends we ride towards a long 30km route to climb one of the most beautiful mountain in Udaipur city.

We all met gathered around at 6:00am near fatehpura from where we flew towards a lush green villages of udaipur and a cool chilled morning freezing us to make up our speed.

It was an amazing time to spend with new people around and to make new friends as after so long we planned to go for a trek this time.

Before we could start our hike we had nice hot tea..to fresh up and to begain with we had healthy and mouth watering breakfast. Which was on another level.

As we begain to hike most of us with their boosting energy walked while jumping to cover a distance of 3km up the hill. While watching those pumping energies rest of us followed back , resting few minutes and festing there eyes with the astonishing beauty of nature.

We had warmup exercise which was hosted by our team member Siddhartha.

We not just hiked, but while we rested on our way the view which we had there was none other than feasting for our eyes. And a moment we took to thank our land and the planet for holding us in and strengthening us to push ourselves up.

We had fun, we climbed stones, helped others out in our paths, jumped in a well, played songs ,danced and the other non-stop adventure.

A small temple with giant Bell’s welcomed us all with it’s sound. The curvy steps, the temple smell, the tree under which God rested was a world on its own. And the view the height holder was breath taking and world less.

To which everyone had there own wisdom and experience.

After spending sometime there. We held back towards parking. Tired yet enthusiastic.. wanting to crave for some more walks..but then the sun was up and the time was up for us to leave.

Well, day was spent well with some like minded fellows.. talking ..eating .. chilling ..and hiking.

We learnt something, we struggled with our pain but then at the end of our day..we were satisfied with our walk of life.

This is what life is about, to discover meaning and to accomplish things ..so that life makes to feel satisfied for what u did.

Adventure and treks like this will happen again..to discover your true passion and purpose in life, get out of your comfort and join our Cycling, hiking and various other mind freshening activities.

Keep striving..keep pushing up..untill the goal is reached.

Thank you

Team Bindaas

Written by Manisha Kshatriya

P.S – the condition in which the pics where captured wasn’t in favor of wearing mask while we continuously walked the vertical height, so no miss use of mask or breaking the rule of wearing mask wasn’t done in our trek. So plz don’t comment regarding not using mask or maintaining the distance.


  1. Govind bhai is a true explorer living to the name and spirit of Bindaas Explorers. He is finding such beautiful hidden places which are so mesmerizing.

    Thank you dear brother…keep exploring. This was a wonderful event and I had fun of my life on this day.

  2. Seedhe bat khe to govind bhaiya mazo aawi giyo ,y bhut hi amazing trip thi aapkj planning time to time update aapka management bhut hi accha tha thanku govind bhaiya aise hi hmare liye trips plan krte rhe .

  3. Thank you Govind and Team Bindaas for organizing such events.

    It has helped me a lot to explore the amazing beauty of our city🤩


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